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  • The Rapé (Snuff)

    All about this traditional Sacred Medicine


    The main ingredient in rapé is Nicotiana rustica, but the preparation is normally infused with other finely chopped vegetable matter or with alkaline ash. These can include tonka bean, cinnamon, camphor, banana peel, and other materials. Some rapé preparations contain hallucinogenic plants such as macambo, anadenanthera, chacruna, virola and others. Shamanic tribes normally keep the exact ingredients of their rapé secret.


    The first official Western encounter with tobacco consumption coincides with the rediscovery of America by Christopher Columbus in 1493. He was the first European to meet the natives of the newly discovered continent and see them snuff wild tobacco. However, tobacco use goes back much further in the past. It is believed that the indigenous peoples of South America had already begun to consume tobacco 5,000 years ago by snorting or smoking it.


    Among the tribes of South America, rapé is consumed for various ceremonial purposes. Some tribes are known for their regular consumption after meals. The particular effects of rapé will depend on the occasion and the full list of ingredients involved in its preparation.

    The pulverized rapé powder, which is normally propelled into the user's nostril by another person through a tube, induces an intense, mind-opening high that causes physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering. The high nicotine content of the blend has stimulating effects and releases hormones such as epinephrine, acetylcholine, and dopamine, increasing clarity and stimulating attention.

    Rainforest healers use rapé to rebalance their energies and connect with their higher selves and the universe. Ritual rapé is also seen as a way to cleanse and detoxify the body. Taking causes secretion of mucus and bacteria, which has a positive effect on the human body.


    Your experience with rapé will depend on the type of medicinal rapé you take and its composition. Some grated will only induce a mild experience, similar to drinking a very strong cup of coffee. Other rapé preparations, depending on the herbs used, can induce powerful and long-lasting psychedelic experiences.

    Most of the time when you take rapé, there will be side effects that you need to be prepared for. As the mixture will be propelled into your nostrils, your nose will begin to run and mucus will begin to drain from your sinuses. In order to prevent the mucus from flowing down your throat, you should lean forward to allow it to release unhindered. This will help you avoid nausea or even vomiting. Even while doing this, throwing up from the rapé is considered normal and is believed to be part of its purifying properties. You don't have to feel ashamed that you threw up, just know that it can happen.

    In addition to vomiting and a runny nose, when you consume rapé, it can also cause you to go back and forth to the toilet multiple times. Similar to drinking coffee and inhaling a cigarette, rapé can trigger a bowel movement. So don't be surprised if you feel the urge to "go to the bathroom" very urgently right after consuming rapé.


    The traditional way of consuming rapé usually involves two people. Your partner for the rapé ritual will use a bamboo or bone tube (called Tepi in Brazil) to spray the mixture into your nostrils. Another type of pipe called "Kuripe" is used for solo smoking. The Kuripe is V-shaped and connects your mouth and nose so you can spray the mixture yourself into your own nose.


    In traditional shamanic practices, the person who blows the rapé is an experienced tribesman or shaman who, along with the herbal mixture, will send his spirit into the person receiving it. The giver of the rapé divides himself and takes control of the receiver. This is, according to shamanic traditions, while the energy of the breath (soplada) plays a very important role.


    Whether it is easier to use the Tepi or the Kuripe is open to debate. For novice users, having a partner administer the rapé makes the second spray in the second nostril much easier. Indeed, the first spray can be a bit confusing for some. But still, a Kuripe for self-administration can give you more control over your rapé experience. It is important to spray the powder within both nostrils to ensure a balanced flow of energy.


    The optimal dose of rapé will depend on your tolerance and the particular blend you will be consuming. As a start, we recommend a pea-sized dose for each nostril. After some experimentation, you can increase the dosage and find what works best for you.


    When self-administering, make sure you are comfortable with how to use the Kuripe pipe first. Start with a dose the size of half a pea and drop it into the nasal outlet of the pipe. With the nasal outlet pushed into your nose, spray the mixture by blowing with your mouth on the other side of the pipe. Again, experience will help you find out if it is better to blow harder and shorter, or longer and softer. Remember to switch nostrils after blowing into the first.


    Just like most mind-altering drugs and other types of transformative drugs, mood and environment can make all the difference when consuming rapé.


    Native tribes generally have a different attitude than Westerners when it comes to psychedelics. Rapé is considered a blessed sacrament and a prayer. They understand what plants can teach them and what they can heal, so they treat them with respect and honor.


    Like the shamans of the rainforest, we recommend that you consume this substance in an environment that honors plants and their practices. With the help of some incense and relaxing music, you can create the perfect meditative atmosphere for your spiritual rapé experience.


    Also, be aware that when the tribes of the Amazon Basin consume rapé, there are usually intentions behind it. Shamans use rapé to find clarity or guidance. Focus on your own intentions before you even start your session.


    After the experience, you may feel overwhelmed. Because of this, you should allow yourself some time for your feet to touch the ground again. Sit down with your eyes closed, and breathe gently to refocus.


    Taking rapé normally induces a strong response from your body with secretion of mucus and snot from your nose and throat. You may even vomit. But see the purging of these fluids as a natural way to expel waste and negative energies. Simply allow these phenomena to occur naturally. In order to help you release this mucus, you can hold one of your nostrils closed with your fingers while purging the other with a big blow. When you do this a few times after taking the rapé, you will notice that you can breathe much easier each time.


    At some point, the mucus mixed with the grated may run down your throat. When this happens, don't swallow, just pop it back into your mouth and spit it out. Like vomiting, this is part of the natural purging process induced by eating rapé; welcome it and don't be embarrassed!


    Sometimes you may not feel very well after consuming rapé. If it ever does, it's probably because you're probably dehydrated from purging and vomiting. Drink some water or fruit juice, lie down for a few moments, and give your body the opportunity to rehydrate.

  • Our selection of Rapés


    Intensity : Medium but powerful

    Contains Organic Tobacco and Ayahuasca vine ash.
    It is a ceremonial Rapé that should not be used every day, its work allows a spiritual connection. He can provide clearer answers when you need help.
    Brazilian Amazon – Huni Kuin Tribe


    Intensity : Soft but very deep
    Contains Bobinsana flowers and Copaiba ashes
    Induces a deep feeling of love and empathy during Ayahuasca ceremonies which some call "hug of light". Taken alone, it adds a warm and empathetic element to the experience. It opens the heart chakra and can also generate lucid dreams. Mild stimulant, to give strength and energy. It promotes openness of heart, empathy, compassion, connection to nature and for spiritual grounding. Also used for rheumatism, arthritis, colds, uterine disorders and edema (or fluid retention).
    Brazilian Amazon – Puyunawa Tribe


    Intensity : Strong
    Contains Arapiraca Tobacco and Wild Cacao Ash.
    General stimulating and energizing effect. Ideal for when you're feeling down, overwhelmed or locked in your heart. Increases concentration, brings stamina and alertness, with great cleansing and purging power. Physical pain and headache relief, sinus cleansing.
    Brazilian Amazon – Kaxinawa Tribe


    Intensity : Strong

    Contains Organic Tobacco and Canela de Velho Ash.
    Made for more experienced users. Deep and intense grounding, extremely strong, it also makes thoughts more fluid. Good for the joints, strengthens the immune system and increases the vital force. Acts against gastric and intestinal diseases such as diarrhea or gastritis.
    Brazilian Amazon – Kaxinawa Tribe


    Intensity : Strong

    Contains Arapiraca Tobacco and Cumaru Ash.
    Can put the user into a deep trance state. Can in some cases cause severe nausea and deep detoxification. Stimulating effect on the pineal gland.
    Brazilian Amazon – Kaxinawa Tribe


    Intensity : Medium

    Contains Tsunu seed ash and Cumaru and Imburana ash.
    Helps to express depressing emotions, generally releases emotions and warms the heart. Works on the solar plexus and intestine. Very good for sinus problems (rhinitis).
    Brazilian Amazon – Kaxinawa Tribe


    Intensity : Strong

    The spirit of Jurema is present in this mix, it has a very high effect but at the same time uplifting. Jurema is a plant of truly incredible potency. This rapé is considered a fairly strong rapé. It is used by the natives of Pernambuco, an indigenous Fulni-o tribe, who have been working with Jurema infusion and tobacco for many years. Jurema gives us the opportunity to be more who we are, it also helps us to strengthen our communication and harmony with the spirits of nature and Mother Earth. It has been observed in people who take this rapé during Ayahuasca ceremonies, that it allows a great cleansing and a harmonious growth of the auric field. It also offers the power to listen carefully and discerningly to our own feelings and those of our brothers and sisters. It is a specialty of the Jurema spirit.
    Brazilian Amazon – Fulni-o Tribe


    Intensity : Medium but powerful Rapé

    This rapé is an excellent remedy used by the tribes of Acrean and Amazonia for many years. It adds strength to spiritual energy and helps us sharpen our self-perception (how we look at ourselves and realize ourselves). It teaches us to overcome the past and to “take root” more deeply in the present by bringing us firmness. This rapé is very special for its unique strength and the particular wisdom that the ashes transmit to us, together with the tobacco.
    Brazilian Amazon – Acrean Tribe


    Intensity : Strong with a lot of freshness

    Contains organic tobacco, Tsunu and Mulateiro ashes as well as natural mint essence oil.
    The smell of mint relaxes the body, serves for meditation, brings freshness to the mind. Good for colds, headaches and migraines. It is also an antispasmodic that helps to stop coughs, eliminate cold and flu symptoms, in addition to helping in the treatment of bronchitis, sinusitis and laryngitis, it acts as an analgesic expectorant, helping to reduce abdominal pain, cramps and indigestion.
    Brazilian Amazon – Kaxinawa Tribe


    Intensity : Strong

    Contains Organic Tobacco and Murici Ash.
    It helps fight daily fatigue and maintains a spiritually active energy state. Strong but feminine energy that works especially on the upper chakras. Physical pain and headache relief, sinus cleansing.
    Brazilian Amazon – Kaxinawa Tribe


    Intensity : Very strong

    Contains Arapiraca tobacco and Pau Pereira ashes.
    Very powerful masculine rapé. Powerful grounding and very deep trance state. Can in some cases cause severe nausea and deep detoxification. Stimulating effect on the pineal gland. Ideal for powerful cleansing, releasing attachments, negative thoughts, illnesses and heavy energies.
    Brazilian Amazon – Nukini Tribe


    Intensity : Strong

    Contains Organic Tobacco, Tsunu Ash and 3 Secret Herbs.
    Balanced, highlights the presence of tobacco, sweet aroma.
    Connect with your inner warrior. Work with dreams, reconnect with the past as part of a diet. It can be used to reduce headaches...
    Brazilian Amazon – Nukini Tribe


    Intensity : Very strong

    Contains organic tobacco and parika ashes.
    Clears bad thoughts and accumulated negative and obsessive energies from the past. Opens the "3rd eye" chakra. Good for headaches, heartburn, purifies the body in general.
    Brazilian Amazon – Shawadawa Tribe


    Intensity : Strong

    Powerful rapé in connection with the indigenous tribes Katukina, Yawanawa, Huni Kuin, Shanenawa, Shawandawa, Puyanawa of the Brazilian Amazon (Acre). The tsunu and the Pau pereira come from the same tree, but from different parts. Pau pereira is the ash from the bark of the tree, which contains more alkaloids and is not destroyed despite the action of fire, the rapé made with the ash from the bark of the tree strengthens the alkaloids thereof. The properties of Pau Pereira are numerous, the bark of the tree contains various medicinal virtues which treat various health complications, for the indigenous peoples of Amazonia. Pau pereira infusion is purgative and works like iboga. Pau Pereira tobacco promotes the purification of our energy field, the aura. The energy of this tobacco is more intense and generates more energy and heat than others. This is why we classify it as stronger, and it is also very suitable for use during ceremonies with kambo and yagé. An excellent rapé that prepares us for these other processes, since its strength accompanies us in anchoring our highest energies. As Pau Pereira has a lot of energy, it is also used by the indigenous people of the Brazilian Amazon for hunting. The benefits it offers us are diverse, it connects us to the joys of the jungle and is a guide to protection and health for those who work with its elements.
    Brazilian Amazon - Yawanawa Tribe


    Intensity : Very strong

    Contains Organic Tobacco and Murici Ash Ash and Pixuri Leaves.
    Spiritual strengthening, mental cleansing, concentration, body relaxation, stress reduction, anxiety reduction and depression relief. Cleans, warms, heals, activates and clarifies in depth. Good for Rhinitis, sinusitis and migraine.
    Brazilian Amazon – Puyanawa Tribe


    Intensity : Strong

    Contains Organic Tobacco, Tsunu and Roses Ashes.
    A very special variety that helps to connect with the subtlety and feminine aspects of being. The energy of this Rapé helps to balance the body and mind, releasing stress and day-to-day burdens, entering a state of stillness and peace.
    This variety connects us with the most subtle and delicate aspects of life.
    Brazilian Amazon – Nukini Tribe


    Intensity : Medium intensity

    Contains organic tobacco and Samauma ashes (a sacred tree).
    It brings all the strength of the forest, it is the "mother" of all trees, say the natives who consider it a tree with magical powers. It works on self-esteem and helps in making important decisions in life. High vibration tobacco, perfect for meditations and divine connection with the spirits of the forest. It facilitates vomiting and cleansing during Ayahuasca ceremonies. Good for headaches, diabetes, diarrhoea, dysentery, skin inflammations in addition to being an excellent diuretic.
    Brazilian Amazon – Kuntanawa Tribe


    Intensity : Strong

    Contains Mapacho Tobacco and Tsunu Ashes.
    It increases energy and rebalances the entire energy and respiratory system. Opens and harmonizes the chakras. Hormonal and endocrine neuromodulator, it harmonizes physical and etheric energies.
    Brazilian Amazon – Yawanawa Tribe


    Intensity : Strong

    Contains Mapacho Tobacco, Tsunu Ash and other secret ingredients.
    Medicine of great spiritual strength, awakens, clarifies and cleanses, removes physical, mental and spiritual boredom. Good for headaches, drowsiness and dizziness.
    Brazilian Amazon – Yawanawa Tribe


    Intensity : Strong

    Contains 7 botanicals: Mapacho Tobacco, Chiric Sanango, Ajos Sacha, Cacao Ashes, Samsara, Wilka and Roasted Mapacho Seeds. Intense emotional release, Lively and deep awareness, Gratitude for all, Confidence, Calm. Helps to open chakras. Ideal for opening and closing Ayahuasca ceremonies as well as helping people during intense parts of ceremonies. Stimulates the immune system and blood circulation, diabetes, rhinitis, sinusitis, respiratory problems.
    Brazilian Amazon – Yawanawa Tribe